Eudist Servants Of The Eleventh Hour

Eudist Servants Of The Eleventh Hour
"and about the eleventh hour, he went out and found others..." (Matthew 20:19)

The Eudist Servants Of The Eleventh Hour is a new branch, a twig sprouting on the 400 year-old tree of the extended spiritual family of St. John Eudes, whose strong branches include the Congregation Of The Sisters Of Our Lady Of Charity, our Eudist sisters, and the Congregation Of Jesus And Mary, our Eudist priests. Both of these orders were founded by Saint John Eudes, close friend of Saint Vincent de Paul, in the early 17th century. The Eudist Servants Of The Eleventh Hour is an association of the faithful whose members are sisters who are mature women who love Jesus and want to follow Him by serving the poor and the needy. The Eleventh Hour refers to the scripture where Jesus calls the last, and signifies that the community is for older women, generally between the ages of forty five and sixty five. The reference to St. John Eudes is recognition that the community is part of the Eudist Congregation, and it is also in honor of St. John Eudes spirituality. In 2003 the Eudist Servants Of The Eleventh Hour community was formally accepted by Bishop Rafael Romo Munoz of Tijuana, Mexico. The community's mission is to minister to the poor and the needy, to bring to them the love of Jesus Christ. To accomplish this members must, in their hearts and in their lives, bear the pain of the poor, the imprisoned, the sick, the rejected, the forgotten and the abandoned children of God. Members of the community serve, with the permission of the local Bishop, in a variety of locations in Mexico and the United States, and perform a variety of services. Mother Antonia Brenner, the Servants founder and current superior of the community, serves by ministering to prisoners and guards at a prison in Tijuana, Mexico. Several other sisters work alongside her in Tijuana. Sr. Kathleen retired prison chaplain in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, now works with families of prisoners & assists in Metanoia retreats at prisons throughout the country. Another Servant, Sr. Lillian who is a nurse, serves in her home area of Austin, Texas, tending to the elderly in nursing homes & also participates in Medical Missions in other countries. Still another Servant, Sr. JoAnn Teresa also a nurse, works in her home state in Gulfport, Mississippi, with the elderly & infirmed.

The Servants operate a ministry center, Casa Campos de San Miguel, located just three blocks from the La Mesa penitentiary. The Casa is a refuge for women leaving prison and for women visiting incarcerated family in the nearby prison, and also for women and children who have come to Tijuana for treatment for cancer. The sisters also have a convent nearby, Corazon de Maria, which serves as the community headquarters and is also a residence for some of the sisters in Tijuana. Corazon de Maria is also used as the community’s house of formation. Still other sisters and associates live in the United States and commute daily to Tijuana to visit area hospitals and comfort patients and their families.

All of the sisters are self-supporting, both economically and with their own health care. Vows are taken for a one year period and then renewed annually, if mutually agreeable. ■

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Comment by Sharon Lorna Ruffner on July 14, 2014 at 9:54pm

Dear Sister Lillian: I feel badly that it's been almost a year and I have not gotten back to you. However when dealing in Home Health Care your time is never your own. I would love to visit but getting away is difficult. I have been trying hard this last year to turn this company over to others and it never goes on your time frame. Pray that soon I may be om a position to learn more of your order. God bless, Sharon Ruffner at Helping Angels of Hawaii.


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